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A powerful application to easily develop: Topographies, Leveling, Cut & Fill calculations, and more.


The preferred application by Land Surveyors, Engineers, and Developers. Provides professional tools for AutoCAD users.


Programming that is adjusted to our clients. We listen their need and transform it in a reality.


What Our Client Say

Do you want to express your opinion here? Do you want to say to the world how do you feel about Mr.CAD? Please contact us. We want to listen you.

M. Ramirez

( InGeomatics Administrator )

Urging him to continue the excellence, professionalism and dedication in both, seminars and updates to your program Mr.CAD...

G. A. Vargas

( GEO-URBAN Surveying )

Their collaboration made possible [...] receive excellent reviews from participants for the content thereof. Thank you for your support.

M. Rodriguez

( Geomatic Week 2009 )

Hereby the Institute of Land Surveyors wishes to state that Mr. Miguel Ramirez, President of MrCAD is a partner of our Institute.

Linda L. Vélez

( Ex-President: Institute of Land Surveyors )

I have received the treatment and friendliness that cannot be beat. [...] I greatly facilitates [...] presenting my work quickly and professionally.

Sr. Figueroa

( Supervisor )

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Welcome to our new website, and technical support system. This site provides a new way to publish your opinions, and share your knowledge. I hope you like it!  M. Ramirez  

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Search hackers

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Some places like the one mentioned on this google report: [Report] can be dangerous. And most of the time those sites are promoted on search engines (like google search) with different names (example: my_search.annoying.inform.com, the_beast_of_my_search.annoying.inform.com) so you can be confused and enter. The next link provides an extension to google that helps you with that problem,

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Now ALL Mr.CAD products includes: FREE SHIPPING to USA & Puerto Rico.

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How to speed Up AutoCAD

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I read this article and found it very interesting, thought it might be something for you. The article is called How to speed Up AutoCAD: configuring AutoCAD (part 2) and is located at http://www.cad-notes.com/speed-up-autocad-configuration/.

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How to convert a dwg file to a diferent versions.

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Simple: Visit this link:http://www.autodesk.com/products/dwg/viewers Download the viewer Open your dwg file And convert it to the desired version of AutoCAD.

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What Is A Land Surveyor?

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What does a land surveyor do? This meme-inspired video takes a look at what people think land surveyors do VS what land surveyors really do. Learn how to become a land surveyor and what it takes to earn a land surveyor license by visiting McKissock’s Land Surveyor section: www.mckissock.com/landsurveyor

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New update 6.2.3 available

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New updates of Mr.CAD Drafting and Design Tools, and Mr.CAD Stand Alone is available for download. New version 6.2.3 of Mr.CAD Drawing & Design Tools. Corrections to Mr.CAD S.A. 3D controls and integration with Mr.CAD Drawing & Design Tools. This downloads are only available for registered users. More details in the Download area.

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Yepp! These are the best tools and I'm sure that you're gonna' love it.